These are some of the reasons we call San Francisco home. . .

we love to go up to North Beach and take a self guided tour of the old italian bakeries. . .

while you are there visit The Liguria Bakery at the corner of Stockton and Greenwich. baked in 100 year old ovens, they make the most amazing foccacia ever. try to get there before 11:00am - they close early.

Bao Necci on Green between Grant and Columbus. this little pizzeria is the closest thing to Italy this side of the Mediterranean. come for the pizza, stay for the Italian conversation, return the next day because they feel like family.

Stella Pastry on Columbus between Green and Vallejo. a beautiful little bakery filled with cannolli, biscotti of every kind and espresso. molto buono!!

how many times have I visited the Japanese Tea Garden with my girls? not enough. an oasis of beauty I never grow tired of. you will enjoy it – you will love it.

the Cliff House.  yes – this one is for locals too. I love looking at the waves through the grand, grand large windows and exploring the Sutro Bath ruins. I love feeling the wind as I walk along the cliff hugging paths and look for the first glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. this is

quintessential San Francisco - an afternoon not quickly forgotten.

Hayes Valley - one of the reasons we call San Francisco home. a shopping street for the locals filled with some of the best boutiques, designers, and little foodie places you won’t find anywhere else. get lost in the little things.

The Legion of Honor - a museum the way they used to make them. beautiful and oh so grand. white marble, white marble, white marble. Rodin, Cezanne and gilded mirrors. somewhere you can wear a skirt and heels to. somewhere you can have a leisurely bottle of wine when your attention starts to fade. really very civilized.

Toccas on Columbus just past Broadway - the coolest bar in the city – and one of the oldest. an old school experience not to be missed.

Yet Wah on 22nd avenue and Clement - ok, the Outer Richmond is really not on the itinerary. fair enough. come for the Dim Sum and the shrimp dumplings and the clatter of many, many small plates and continue on to the Cliff House. a San Francisco culinary adventure you won’t regret.